How to Install a Fathom™ Hub

Step 1

Review the Fathom™ Hub Placement article and determine the suitable locations to install Fathom Hubs. 

Step 2

Power on the Fathom Hub and use the Fathom™ Install app to claim a Fathom Hub to the desired venue and configure it to connect to the network. Click here for more details.

Do step 2 for all Fathom Hubs you want to install prior to installing them.

Step 3

The Fathom Hub has directional antennas and will determine its orientation over time. To reduce learning time use the Fathom LED as a marker and ensure each Fathom Hub points in the same direction. Typically in a rectangular office layout, simply pick a wall and have the LED of each Fathom Hub points in the direction of that wall.

Detail on orientation is provided here

Step 4

Install the Fathom Hub and make note of:

  • The serial number of the Fathom Hub located at the bottom
  • The location the Fathom Hub is installed

Perform this step until all Fathom Hubs are installed.

Step 5

Login into Fathom™ Control and enter the position of each Fathom Hub. Use the serial number to the correct hub. Click here for more details.

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