Fathom™ Hub Orientation

One of the pristine values of Fathom™ is that the location intelligence is knitted with a real world coordinate system for additional context in the data and applications. For this, the Fathom Hubs deployment requires the Hubs to be cardinally oriented. When available, this is where auto orientation can simplify and save you time on the deployment. 

Auto Orientation

Prerequisite: 2 or more Hubs in a compatible network cluster

Once you have the Hubs desirably placed and claimed to the Venue correctly with either the face up or face down configuration, auto orientation is as simple as click of a button. 

Click on the the pencil to bring up Venue's edit panel

Calibrate Venue automatically orients all the Hubs currently present in the Venue. When you set up the system for the first time, to avoid running multiple calibrations it is recommended you wait until all the Hubs are claimed before performing the calibration. When a Hub is added to or subtracted from the venue (ie. by claiming a new or releasing an old Hub) at a later time, you should click on Calibrate Venue to recalibrate the system. 


Manual Orientation

Although infrequent, there are scenarios in which the system you deployed is not performing up to the expected accuracy. Manually setting the orientations on the Hubs can be a solution to address this. The hexagonal Hub has an antenna on each of its 6 sides, labeled from 0 to 5. Each side represents 60 degrees of a circle with the north-facing side shown as antenna 0 ranging from 330to 30(the northmost being 0o).

Manual orientation is the manual process of aligning the north side (center of antenna/side 0) to the true north. When the two are aligned to the best of human capability, the manual orientation should be provided as 0. 


In Fathom Control, you can override the manual orientation for each Hub by clicking the Edit Fathom Hub button. After you enter the edit panel, scroll down to find Orientation Override. Turn on the toggle button then input the value for orientation. In the case of your Hub facing true north, the correct value is 0. Press Save when you complete.