Welcome to Fathom™

Fathom™ is an unique patent-pending technology that accurately locates static and dynamic beacons and BLE devices such as smartphones, smartwatches and other wearable devices that come within the Fathom coverage area.

What can I do?

 Once you have setup your Fathom™ Hub coverage area you will have the ability to:

  •  Accurately locate and determine movement trends of BLE devices
  •  Obtain the health and statistics of all the beacons you manage with the use of the Google’s Eddystone and/or Apple's iBeacon protocols
  •  Have a centralized dashboard to view, manage and update all your beacons regardless of manufacturer as long as manufacturer has an available API.

How do I setup a Fathom coverage area?

A Fathom™ Hub requires only two things: Power and an Internet connection.

Simply place the Fathom Hub near a power source and connect it to the Internet using Ethernet port or built-in Wi-Fi. The Fathom Hubs will network with each other to allow communication between hubs and only requires a single Fathom Hub to be connected to the internet.

Four Fathom Hubs will enable accurate locating of beacons in a typical venue. A typical venue is an open space up to 2200 square feet and cleared of apparent obstructions between line of sights. Offices and similar venues with walls and other obstructions may require additional Hubs to meet accuracy targets.

If you have a larger venue or specific accuracy requirements please contact support@fathomsys.com.

We are Team Players!

Fathom is designed to work with either new or existing beacon deployments. By utilizing the Fathom™ API you can seamlessly integrate Fathom with any management and analytics systems.  


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