Fathom™ Account Setup

Congratulations on joining the Fathom™ family! We believe you have made the right choice in proximity hardware and software!

Whether you are waiting for your Hub to arrive or already have it in your hands, it's time to set up your account. 


1. Create Account:

Click on the link in your Welcome Email.

The link will take you to a form where you can create your Fathom™ Control administrative account. Once you have created the initial master account, this user will have the ability to add or remove other users, create new venues and modify subscriptions.

All the fields are required. Your account will be created in the Organization name of your choice. Organization name must be the unique ID for your organization. You will be asked to input another name if the one you have selected is already in use. 

Click "Complete Signup" when you are ready to move on. 


2. Hub Preferences:

Select your preferred Fathom™ Hub software update option. Fathom recommends you select the automatic update option in order to take advantage of improvements in accuracy, access new features as they come online, and ensure that bug fixes critical security updates are applied in a timely fashion. All updates are done remotely over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. 


3. Fathom Control:

You can start configuring your venue(s) by clicking the "Add New Venue" link.

You can have multiple venues under your organization.

  • Venues are the basic structure that allows you to organize multiple Fathom Hub installations and visualize the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices observed and located by the system.
  • Venues can consist of a defined area on a street map or for more personal results you can import an indoor map image. Suitable formats include: JPG/JPEG, GIF, PNG and PDF.
  • You can anchor the Fathom Hubs installed at a venue by dragging and dropping them onto the map.

Detail on how to add a venue


4. Adding Users to the System

The first user account created with your Hub purchase is the default Administrator of your organization. You can add more users under your organization, and personalize permission rights based on the user's role. 

Select ‘Users’ from the dropdown menu to add and configure users in Fathom Control.

Detail on how to add a user


5. Install Hubs at Venue:

Once you receive your Hubs you can use the installation app to associate them to the venue.

See guide on Hub installation app


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